*stifles insane laughter*

Wow.  I am just about to take a flamethrower to this whole goddamned website.  Okay, walk with me and see if you can’t figure this shit out.

The website consists of PAGES, that lead to POSTS, which are also visible from the MAIN PAGE.  In order to get to those PAGES, I need either? or? both? CATEGORIES and a MENU.

Still with me?

Now, I can make a MENU out of the CATEGORIES, which lead to the PAGES that lead to the POSTS.

OR, I can make a MENU out of the PAGES, which are sorted by the CATEGORIES, which lead to the POSTS.

Okay, now that I’ve laid it out like that, I THINK that I need to make the MENU out of the PAGES, which will all have a CATEGORY, EITHER OF WHICH will lead to the POSTS.

The problem that is driving me absolutely insane??  ALL OF THESE THINGS CAN NEST INTO SUB-PAGES AND SUB-CATEGORIES AND SUB-MENUS.


Man, I don’t EVEN know where to fucking start.  I don’t remember my old theme having customizable menus: there were pages, like “About”, which is I think the only one I had, plus categories, tags, and posts.

Well I did not want to use that theme anymore, which was dark and ugly and had become obsolete anyway, so I chose this new one that lets me have my nice pretty pictures in the background and title bar.  But it has two widgets: CATEGORIES and the MENU.  And now I’m thinking I should just abandon the goddamned widgets and stay over in the WordPress admin panel with my nesting pages and categories and see what happens when it all gets applies to the site.  Oh, and WordPress itself has TWO WAYS to manage the pages and categories.

All right, I’m off to figure this dumbass shit out with my programmer husband and hope there’s a help page to assist in customizing this damned thing.

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