Liebster Award

I am a shocked blogger today, or rather, I have been for the last few days.  I checked my email over the Thanksgiving holiday only to discover that a good friend had nominated me for a Liebster Award.  Explanation as follows.

“Liebster” is a German word meaning dearest and the award is given to up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.

Here’s how it works:

1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.

2. Reveal your Top 5 blogs (with under 200 followers) and let them know by leaving comments on their blogs.

3. Post the Award on your blog.

4. Enjoy the love of some of the most supportive people on the Internet.

Um, uh, well, gosh!  Color me…something.  I’m not used to being acknowledged in such a manner, but I’m very happy and flattered, to be sure!  I will certainly be following item #1, and I will do my best to follow #2 (I have several blogs listed down my sidebar, but I have absolutely no idea how many followers they have).  #3, no problem.  #4, I will do my best.  Taking praise is one of the most difficult things for me to do.  I like to think it’s some kind of Buddhist humility, but really I’m pretty sure it’s a pathological incapacity to acknowledge anything good that I do.  Read up on “self esteem in dysfunctional families” if you really must know.

So, for item #1!  I give you the lovely and hilarious Bon Steele and her blog Bits of Writing.  Really, put this one on your blogroll, she is a particular flavor of funny that I have not yet run across and am happy that I did.  Thank you so much for nominating me for the Liebster!  I am truly honored.  🙂

Item #2, I direct you to my sidebar, which as I said before contains many blogs of unknown followers.  However many they may have, they are among my favorites.  Click on each of them whilst languishing with coffee, you won’t be sorry.  I will do my best to find out which ones are deserving of this particular accolade.

Item #3, the Liebster Award!

Description above.

#4, I will do my best.  Really.  It’s good practice for me.  Seeing myself for what I am is the most difficult thing I do each day and I live in constant admiration of people who think highly of themselves.  How do you do it?  I don’t know how to praise myself on one hand without cutting myself down with the other.  As though one holds a bouquet of flowers while the other holds a scythe.  I would really like to put the scythe down and just hold the flowers.  Things like this help.  Thank you, Bon.  🙂

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