I had one of those work days where I stayed busy the whole time and really did get quite a bit done, but somehow I feel like I didn’t. I’m not quite sure why that is, though I’m sure once I check off a few more things from my to-do list, I’ll feel more productive. Speaking of my to-do list, it’s done something very strange. I selected a number of items and asked my program to shift them all a week later. They’ve all disappeared! I haven’t checked to see if they’re in the deleted folder yet, but so far, I have no fucking clue where those tasks are. *sigh*

Allergies are in full swing here in Austin. We’re not the allergy capital of the world for nothin’. All this greenery and urban beauty comes at a steep nasopharyngeal price. Antihistamine makers must count the central Texas allergy season into their annual budgetary concerns, as do kleenex makers. I can hardly complain after such a wretched year last year, though. It’s been raining, the wildflowers are still blooming, and it’s been gorgeous here the last few weeks. Of course, it was nice this time last year, too. A bit warmer if memory serves, and we were already desperate for rain, but still relatively nice. I’m not going to dwell on that, though. Whatever summer brings, I’m going to do my best to put on my bravest face.

I still haven’t heard from my daughter’s teacher or the principal in regards to my latest complaints about not being able to figure out who’s telling the truth, my daughter or the teacher. Which is sad: I should be able to rely a little bit more heavily on the teacher’s opinion, particularly if they’re nice and trustworthy. It also makes it easier to get her to do what we really want her to do. Not so this year. Her teacher has been dishonest on more than one occasion and has a really rigid attitude towards children’s discipline. My daughter says she yells a lot, but all the teachers yell. She’s only superficially nice. You can tell she feels superior and tries to prove that by interrupting a lot and talking so fast it’s nearly impossible to squeeze in a protest.

Whatever. There are five and a half weeks of school left and we’ve already played this game three times already. I’m not going to expend any more energy on this other than to put in transfer paperwork to other nearby schools that I’ve heard should be a significant improvement over where we are now.

2 thoughts on “Stuffy”

  1. Those kinds of people (superior acting) make me long for boffer weapons, sometimes.

    SNOOTY: Well, I think… *looks down nose at you* … that you should discount anything you’re actually doing. Just do it my way and…


    Probably not the best response but…


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