I’m up waaaaay too early for a day off. Especially after last week. I put in a lot of extra time at work last week for side projects. So I’m more tired today than usual.

Aaaand it might have something to do with not only going back to karate for the first time in six months (dear god I’m never doing THAT again), but also spending about eight solid hours cleaning out my garage with my husband yesterday. Consequently, just about every single muscle in my body hurts at some level or another. That’s okay, it’s kind of nice to feel evidence of moving around intensely for a while. I’m going to do it more often. It’s fun.  Karate that is.  Not cleaning out the garage.

Speaking of the garage, holy shit. We haven’t given the garage a thorough flensing in several years, so there was a lot of…stuff built up along the sides of the garage and then piled in a second layer towards the middle of the garage, leaving mountains alongside a narrow, and getting narrower, valley between them going from the inner kitchen door to the garage door. It was getting dangerous out there, never mind not actually being able to find or store anything any longer.

So out it all went into the driveway. We moved the mountains in reverse order into the driveway, but separating them into keep and discard piles. The keep pile was further filtered as it all went back into the garage, which we spent at least two hours actually *cleaning* and taking almost everything off of the shelves so everything could be grouped with their similar companions.  There was a lot of dust, cobwebs, and swearing, but also laughter, particularly when I decided to test the fire extinguisher IN the garage, resulting in a strange splot of sulfur dust on the floor.  That was entertaining.  Anyway, the result of our work was astonishing. We can actually find things now. There are a few areas and boxes that need going through and sorting, but overall it’s awesome.

Then we spent another two hours on the discard pile. Several boxes of house miscellany were put together along with an old computer, an old laser printer, and a few other larger items. The rest was trash or recycling. There are now four lawn and leaf bags full of trash and a mighty pile of recycling, not to mention the moderate pile of stuff that will go out in two weeks for bulky trash day. Sheesh. It was so great to filter through over thirteen years of stuff and get rid of a substantial portion of it that was useless, duplicated, or otherwise undesirable. Now it’s all sitting in a tidy and very large pile of boxes and such at the end of the driveway, awaiting a trip to Goodwill. I don’t have garage sales anymore. They’re a pain in the ass; not worth the effort for what little money one usually gets.

We found lots of stuff while we were cleaning, too. My husband likes to keep old electronic gadgets and measuring devices. He ran across a whole pile of scientific calculators and other stuff that only mad scientists like, including a magnetron from a microwave. Don’t ask. I found a bunch of aquarium stuff and got it all grouped together. We also found some media archives we had forgotten about, mostly magazines and other publications from our pagan/magick days. That stuff’s totally worth keeping for a walk down memory lane someday. I even found some stuff for the spawn in the form of cute little boxes. She loves them. So do I, so I guess she comes by it honestly (now that I think about it, that phrase doesn’t make any sense at all: I’m not sure why we use it).

Now that the garage has been cleaned, exposing the last boxes of my grandmother’s things, I can finally go through them, along with six boxes of papers, and finish up that four-year-old project. I need to send some things to the family that my grandmother was friends with and who took care of her during her last year. I’m ashamed that I have not been in much contact since then, but it was quite an experience to have to go out there to Orange County, pack up all of her stuff in two days, and then haul it all back to Texas by myself. Then I had to go through it all, and quickly if I wanted to ever use the garage again. That was about the time that our house became just a little too small for all of our stuff. After a few weeks, I pooped out and couldn’t go through any more boxes. They’ve sat there since then. My grandmother’s friends were hoping there might be some papers pertinent to the cabin they bought from her, and the wife was hoping to get some teacups from my grandmother’s kitchen things. I’ve never gone through the boxes, or sent the teacups. I still really want to do that. So I think I’ll be spending some more time in the garage today.

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