Spiritual Nomad is coming along nicely. I stripped ALL of the altars. All TEN of them. Jesus Christ (no, that’s not one of them). It took me two days to gather all of my altar things together. I had so much stuff that I had to do a filtering process, essentially: deities first, then incense holders/censers, then candle holders, then everything else. Everything got the same careful cleaning treatment. I kept finding things to put with the important hoo-hahs so there were a couple of days where I had to keep lifting the cloths covering everything to put more under there. Good thing I haven’t found anything else, because I’m out of room under there.

The really neat thing about the process was that as I held and cleaned each thing, it was very apparent which things ‘fit’ and which things didn’t. Consequently I’ll have a small pile of Meso-American styled stuff that I’ll be giving to someone who would appreciate it better than I do. There are a couple of other things that I’m ambivalent on, like a statue of Ganesha that’s very modern and minimalist in its style. It’s not just its appearance that sets it apart from the other things. Its energy is different. Then again I’ve only had it for about a year and it hasn’t really been used for anything other than living on my little computer area altar. I’ll have to think on that one.

Another cool thing that happened was that new altars were forming in my mind as I cleaned everything up, and I discovered altars that had formed themselves over time, like Erzulie‘s space. I had slowly grouped things like hearts and shells together for a while, and then acquired some Erzulie imagery at a goddess campout a couple of years ago. It was all loosely gathered in one place without intention. But when I gathered everything together more purposefully and with attention, her presence and desire for her own space was extremely clear. Even though everything is separated into like piles of stuff, her things are all together because she wanted it that way. She’s a fierce one. I’m unfamiliar with how she wants to be treated, but she plainly wants a presence in my life.

Overall, things wanted to be grouped in a certain way, particularly the deities. They’re perfectly content to live all together on the table until it’s time to live somewhere else, but some of them didn’t want to be next to others. Erzulie’s very picky about who’s around her, and nothing can be blocking her in front. Lakshmi doesn’t like to have anything set on top of her, though she made an exception for a small yin-yang. Buddha, of course, didn’t care, or was at least accepting of his situation. Neither did Ganesha, though like Erzulie, he didn’t really want anything blocking him in front. I tried to arrange that table by size so that no one was being blocked. I have a blue-violet dragon statue that I’ve had for some time and have viewed as something of a protection totem. It’s never mixed with anything else, though, and has usually stood alone in the house. On the table, though, it was very clear that she needs to live with Bast, who is never unhappy here: I worship my cats like gods.

Things that were missing were also apparent. I will soon be acquiring a statue or image of Jesus and/or St. Francis. Stripped of the suppressing fetters of Christianity, I find their energies very soothing in much the same way that I find Buddha soothing. The Gospel of Thomas is a beautiful piece of writing, and St. Francis was just a naturalist at heart. He knew that God was not found in a building, but in Nature.

But perhaps the thing I am most excited about acquiring is this:

Hekate has been our patron goddess since we met, and longer for my husband. But we’ve never had a proper image of her. Apropos of her nature, there are few images or representations of Hekate in antiquity, at least compared to the number of representations of other deities in the Greek mythos. But someone took it upon themselves to create this beautiful statue, which has her primary associated symbols: keys, dogs, and a torch. She’s also standing at a triple crossroad. A trivia (try-VEE-ah). Yes, that’s where the word for useless bits of information came from, annoyingly, though technically it’s correct since it really means information that has been split into smaller bits. Anyway. It should be here on Wednesday. I think I’ll leave her in her package until she can be properly placed along with the other deities when it’s time to rebuild the altars, but I’ll see what she says when she gets here.

I’m getting ready to work on my fourth assignment for Spiritual Nomad. Making my life path and stripping the altars were the first two. Yesterday I completed the third: a guru board – a board full of images of people who have literally been a “dispeller of shadows”, the definition of guru. Only in the mind of a Scorpio can Trent Reznor, Stephen King, and Sarah Connor be considered dispellers of shadows, but that’s how I roll. Buddha, the Dalai Lama, and Gandhi also share space, as do Aristotle, Socrates, and Vincent van Gogh. Not to mention Rush, my favorite band. I know it sounds so cheesy, but the lyrics the drummer of that band has penned have seriously lit my path on many occasions in my life, and the music they are set to is sublime to my ears. Even Geddy Lee’s screeching voice, which I try to imitate in vain when I’m driving and listening to music. I figure anything that has given me hope in the past is worthy of placement on that board.

Anyway, the fourth assignment is a Journey Book, or whatever I want to call it. It’s a book of inspiring sayings, prayers, images, what have you. I’m looking forward to getting mine started. But first I think a nap is in order.

7 thoughts on “Attraction”

      1. I didn’t know Hekate was of the triple-crossroads. Her, and Legba for the 4-way road .. imagine THOSE two as keepers of the Seven Liberal Arts… whoa!


  1. YES! It’s like that here, too. Altars have formed, but altars have also had their natural life and then, kind of…decayed. I do a thing around Oct 31st where I burn anything like dried flowers, herbs, anything on an altar or hanging on the wall that’s burnable organic matter. It helps keep things flowing in here, because the process-altars can keep up their process for years. But here’s a thing. Right now, the livest altar in my house is not in my house. It’s outside. In fact, it’s technically off the property, it’s in the stump that’s by the curb out front. I work that shrine more than any of the rest of them. And I have one altar in here that I don’t quite know how to interact with – it kind of got away from me and developed a hideous life of its own, but boy, if you want something alienated or just plain destroyed, put its emblem on there and it gets done. I’ve been trying to figure out how to charmbust it. In fact, writing this, I realize it’s a task I need to address. I don’t need a Void of Destruction next to my desk. Heh. Yes, stripping ’em bare, cleaning ’em up, trip/reset. It’s fresh. And fresh is good.


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