I’ve been saying “fuck” a lot lately.  Usually when I can’t find something, or something isn’t working right.  That sounds silly to say.  Isn’t that when everyone says “fuck”?  Anyway.  Right now I can’t find my fucking glasses.  I was just fucking wearing them the other fucking day.  (spot the fucking post them!)  Okay, I won’t keep that up the whole fucking time.  🙂

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that not being able to find something is in all likelihood my worst peeve.  I hhhhhaaaaaate not being able to find things.  Drives me absolutely batty.  Especially because we have a small house.  It’s only a thousand square feet, for fuck’s sake.  There are only so many places a pair of glasses, or whatever, can be.

It’s also cram packed with an amazing assortment of stuff, a great deal of it in the heirloom-and-tchotchke department.  Not to mention the books.  Dear Goddess, the books.  And the five foot long-and-high fishtank that is essentially another wall.  And the guinea pigs, which live in a cage that is actually big enough for them, which means it’s about 3’x6′, not a little cage that sits on a table. And the altars, which have been covered in other posts.  And the photos.  The art supplies.  The sewing stuff.  The sparring gear.  The office supplies.  So on and so forth.

And I’m looking for a brown, plastic-with-white-flowers-on-the-temples pair of rather rectangular glasses in this delightful mess I call home, and like all things that are lost, I can see them in my head sitting on a magazine on my desk, which is the last time I saw them a day or two ago.  Of course, the desk is much cleaner right now, having been devoided of at least one stack of stuff, but the glasses are nowhere to be found.  Something brown lost in a sea of brown.

So I have the spare pair.  The blue ones, with the Pacific island masks along the temples (they were out of the ones with the skulls-and-bones: I love Zenni Optical).  Also like all things that are lost, their location will pop into my head at a most inopportune time, like 3am, or while I’m driving.  In the meantime, until I find them, I will undoubtedly, reflexively, and irritatedly look for them no matter what I am doing throughout the day, because it bothers me.  FfffffuuuuuuCK.

*edited to add: Found them! On the floor. Next to the computer. Nowhere near the other desk.  O_o

One thought on “FffffuuuuuCK”

  1. OMG that was so fucking funny. Thank God Al-fucking-Mighty that somebody out there uses the word fuck as much I as like to fucking use it. Sorry. I hope you weren’t insulted by using God’s name with it, but I’m sure He would say fuck too if He didn’t have great bolts of fucking lightning to use instead of saying God-fucking-damn you ffffuuuuccckkkked-up humans! Fucking great post!!! ; D


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