Remember in volleyball, every now and then the coach would yell out, “Rotate!” and everyone would move around one place on the court?  Well my blog is about to go through something  similar, only there are seven places on the court instead of six.  I admit, I got the idea from my good friend Dianne Sylvan over at Dianne Sylvan (she writes gud, buy her buks), but her themes are different from mine.  Anyway, here are the themes that I am going to attempt to adhere to so that I can touch on all of the topics that are important to me.  Emphasis on ‘attempt’.

Meditation Monday: wherein we will discuss things meditative and I will try to introduce you all to a new meditation

Chi Tuesday: wherein we will discuss things yogic and martial and tantric (oh my!)

Witchy Wednesday: I picked this name more out of an effort to dispel its darker meanings than anything else.  A witch is no more than someone who is interested in the inner workings of life. This day is for gardenlore, herblore, spell-lore, stonelore, foodlore, and any other kind of lore.

Expansive Thursday: this day is for knowledge that’s bold and adventuresome (or was at some point in the past); this day is also for maps and geography; this day is for anything that makes part of you travel

Euphonious Friday: this day is for music, new and old

Siddhartha Saturday: this day is for something about or by the Buddha

Silent Sunday: this day is in honor of mystics and hermetics everywhere; a hermit, mystic, or saint will be honored this day

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